Bitcoin Exchange Market

The easiest way of trading cryptocurrencies. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Cross Order

Exchange your cryptoassets between currencies directly and instantly. There is no need to convert them to BTC, ETH or USDT first. Great convenience.

Non-blocking balance

The amount in your balance does not get blocked when you place an order. You can place many orders at various price levels based on your trading strategy regardsless of your free balance. Your balance is only effected at the time your order is executed.

Editable Order

You can easily see and edit your open orders, even with a simple drag and drop on the candlestick chart. You do not need to cancel your order just to change the limit price.

Single screen

You can access everything you need in a single screen, manage your orders, see your balances, see current prices and price changes of other coins.

12 Languages & 200+ Countries

Bitexmar supports 12 languages, reaching 200+ countries.

All devices supported

Mobile-enabled special design allows easy trading on all devices, all browsers.

Secure cold storage

Your digital investment is stored in industry-standard cold wallets with multi-layer security protocol. Technical architecture safeguards Bitexmar even in the event of highly sophisticated attacks.

Enjoy trading

Bitexmar offers enjoyable trading experience in simple yet powerful UI with a holistic support team and low comissions.
7/24 Support
You can contact our support team at any time, every day.
Low Commission
You can trade with low comission rates and fees.
Easy to User
You can control everything in a single screen.

Referral Program

We are offering a unique referral program. You will earn BEXM even by just signing up and also from every new user registering using your referral code. With a multi-level referral program you will even earn BEXM from a user referred by a user referred by you.


BEXM runs natively on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the ERC20 token standard. The token was established with a total supply of 1 billion, never to be increased. With safeguard functions BEXM is ready to withstand any fraud and hacking attempts.
Having BEXM is like having a share in the exchange. We are sharing half of our exchange revenue everyday with BEXM holders based on their BEXM balance.
BEXM price is fixed to 0.01 US Dollars for the promotion period.
You can earn BEXM from your trading activity, the trading activity of the users referred by you and by completing goals in the exchange market.

Highly Scalable & Polyglot Persistance Big Data Systems

For best user experience, our systems are based on high-performance highly available systems with Active-Active clusters and autoscaling big data systems.

Some other Bitexmar Features

Bitexmar provides users with unique trading experience. Trading has never been easier.
Quick Deposit & WithdrawalYou can easily deposit and withdraw cryptoassets to your account.
Bitexmar APIWith our API service, you can use bots to access current tickers and analyse market activity.
Referral Program & FriendsYou can multiple your revenues by enabling your friends to sign-up using your referral code.
Two Factor AuthenticationTwo-factor authentication allows better security for your account.
Market OrderYou can place a market order to instantly trade between currencies without trying to catch the price level.
Low comissionYou can focus on trading strategies, not comissions.
High PerformanceTrading Engine capable of handling millions of orders per seconds.
Safety - StabilityStable infrastructure and software platform gives you a peace of mind and desired experience.
All Devices CoveredYou can easily trade on all devices, all browsers.


Bitexmar is a next generation cryptocurrency exchange. It is a result of the fusion of solid big data and fintech knowledge into a highly available and secure architecture which is fast and stable.
We have more than 9 years of real life big data expertise as a result of completing projects involving in-memory and complex structures and polyglot persistence. We have developed systems that are capable of handling high volume and petabyte-scale data. This expertise is combined with fintech background ranging from forex solutions to whitelabel full scale online banking.
Bitexmar Head OfficeOcean Financial Centre10 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049315[email protected]FOA: management, development, marketing